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Leading providers of Customer Payment Solutions

* Please note that we are changing our master BPAY Biller Code from 91488 to 271973 effective now. Please advise your BPAY customers accordingly. Only the existing Biller code will be changed. The existing CRN numbers will still be working as per usual. If the BPAY payment is made using the old master Biller code of 91488, this will be rejected right away.

Established in 2003, Bill Buddy Pty Ltd are leading providers of Customer Payment Solutions. Our product range includes various solutions that incorporate products such as direct debit from bank account or credit card, online credit card payments, BPAY, and automated Pay-by-Phone systems. Best of all, to apply to register with Bill Buddy as a Biller the only pre-requisite is that you have an ABN and Australian bank account.

Direct Debit

Get paid on time! With your customer's authority, funds are debited from their account when scheduled.


Customers use their financial institution's Internet or Phone banking to make payments at any time from their cheque, savings, or credit card account.


Customers can make credit card payments via an automated phone system 24 hours per day.


Customers can make their payment from a secure website using their credit card and a validated customer reference number 24 hours per day.